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The PDF File Of Foodzymes’ Products: Baking Product Manual – FoodZymes™ PDF

FoodBake is a group of customized enzymes which can help the dough keep elastic

and strengthen gluten strucrure, some of them can extend shelflife and keep crust browning.

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  • Brand: Foodzymes
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    Bread improvers: carefully dosed formulas

    A bread improver is a coherent, balanced combination of baking ingredients chosen from among various manufacturing aids and raw ingredients (both cereal-based and other), mixed together in an appropriate formula.

    Five types of elements are used in the formulation of Foodzyms baking ingredients:

    1.reducing agents to restructure gluten;

    2.oxidants to strengthen gluten for optimal gas retention;

    3.enzymes, including amylase, to release fermentable sugars that feed the yeast;

    4.emulsifiers to consolidate gluten for increased tolerance;

    5.various baking ingredients with specific effects: bean flour, malt, etc.

    Better baking performance

    Bread improvers boost dough enhancer and reinforce tolerance during the different manufacturing stages. They make the work safer and simplify production, enabling bakers to prepare quality, standardized end products.

    Bread improvers can also act on the following properties of dough:

    rheological properties: by increasing the dough’s handling, strength or extensibility, so as to better tolerate its time in the machine;

    fermentation properties: by optimizing the yeast’s action through stabilized fermentation and increased gas retention capacity.


    FoodBake SOFT Very special mixture of enzymes and ingredients which improve the softness and texture and
    the volume and give shiny brownish color to the crust
    FoodBake SHL The best choice to extend the shelf life of bakery products acts very good on fresh-keeping
    for the maximum time
    FoodBake OX Improving the stability during fermentation and baking and improve the handling and mixing,
    increase the volume
    FoodBake AB The perfect solution for improving the general-purpose wheat flour, perfect results!
    FoodBake 4U Very simply YES, ITS SPECIALLY FOR YOU! The best-customized improvement according to
    your requirements,
    according to your flour type and your end product target, we can help you!

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  • FoodZymes is a multinational company which specialized in bakery improvement.

    We have the honor to provide you a one-stop solution for the Baking industry: from enzymes, ingredients, improvement, and Solution to machinery.

    We are a manufacturer and we have our independent R&D center and own technical team.


    We produce FoodZymes™Enzymes,FoodBake™ Improvers,FoodGold™ Baking Ingredients which can help you to increase volume, freshness, softness, stability, water Absorption, shelf life.

    Our business is to meet your requirement, reduce cost, improves quality and POWER YOUR BAKERY.

    1. We can offer your several recipes to choose for different batches of wheat;

    2. Our specialist can fly to your factory if you need technical support;

    3. We can design a customization product for you according to your wheat & inquiry;

    4. Our Foodgold™ series Ingredients is especially produced for baking industry;

    5. Our factory is in China, right in the original place of raw materials, so we can decrease the cost;

    6. We have different language service: Russian, French, Arabic, Turkish, and Spanish is on the way;