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The PDF File Of Foodzymes’ Products: Baking Product Manual – FoodZymes™ PDF

FoodZyme PQ is a group of Protease used in bakery to iimprove biscutis texture ,

improve processing characteristic and improve wafer texture.

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    What is Protease?
    Protease is an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of proteins. It does this by breaking down peptide bonds between amino acids. This enzyme is used in bakery products as a dough conditioner. It modifies dough rheology and handling properties, improving:

    *[Workability] *[Pliability] *[Machinability] *[The quality of the finished products]
    * Reduce mixing energy and time in some breadmaking processes that use no-time or straight dough systems.
    * Improve the sheet ability of crackers and pizza doughs.
    Improve dough pan flow dough.
    Increase the bread crumb tenderness.
    Slightly increase dough stickiness. This is due to gluten breakdown and water redistribution among flour (starch, arabinoxylans, and cellulose).
    Ease dough expansion during proofing and oven spring through enhanced extensibility. This has a positive impact on the finished product volume.

    Protease is called a micro ingredient in baking. It is favored in breadmaking systems that don’t require fermentation steps such as yeast preferments or sourdough. The addition of specialty enzymes is how high-quality artisan and variety of bread can be made in a short time.

    Usually, protease is added during dough mixing. Depending on the application and formulation, levels are 0.1 to 0.5% based on flour weight. It is also used in clean label applications. There can be issues with purity, such as side reactions and secondary activity. Also, ensuring complete inactivation during baking is very important for optimal performance. When supplying protease, it is a good practice to conduct baking tests and lab analysis prior to line production.


    FoodZyme PQF  
    Description Protease
    Effective material Fungal Protease derived from Asperegillus oryae
    Application FoodZyme PQB used in  backed products
    Function improve biscutis texture , improve processing characteristic                


    FoodZyme PQB  
    Description Protease
    Effective material Bacterial Protease derived from Trichoderma reesei and Bacillus subtilis
    Application FoodZyme PQB used in  backed products
    Function improve wafer texture , improve processing characteristic

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  • FoodZymes is a multinational company which specialized in bakery improvement.

    We have the honor to provide you a one-stop solution for the Baking industry: from enzymes, ingredients, improvement, and Solution to machinery.

    We are a manufacturer and we have our independent R&D center and own technical team.


    We produce FoodZymes™Enzymes,FoodBake™ Improvers,FoodGold™ Baking Ingredients which can help you to increase volume, freshness, softness, stability, water Absorption, shelf life.

    Our business is to meet your requirement, reduce cost, improves quality and POWER YOUR BAKERY.

    1. We can offer your several recipes to choose for different batches of wheat;

    2. Our specialist can fly to your factory if you need technical support;

    3. We can design a customization product for you according to your wheat & inquiry;

    4. Our Foodgold™ series Ingredients is especially produced for baking industry;

    5. Our factory is in China, right in the original place of raw materials, so we can decrease the cost;

    6. We have different language service: Russian, French, Arabic, Turkish, and Spanish is on the way;